* Be respectful

Treat everyone nicely with full respect. Don't bully or harass anyone. Don't mistreat anyone based on their race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or handicap.

* Use only English

The general language of the community is English. We also have our chat-filters on to keep it balanced. Use DMs(Direct-Messages)/GCs(Group-Chats) instead to chat in a different language.

* No personal Information

Keep your and others' privacy safe so everyone should feel safe in our community.

* No religion/political topics

It's a Minecraft server, so you shouldn't be talking about any religious/political topic at all.

* No spamming

Don't spam anywhere at Forums, Discord, or In-game with similar posts/messages.

* No self-promotion/advertising

Don't advertise anything anywhere in public chats or DMs(Direct-Messages).

* No inappropriate content

We do not allow any type of NSFW, sexual, illegal or, suspicious discussions and activities.

* No impersonating

Do not impersonate anyone. We don't allow anyone to use others' identities for impersonation.


* No Scamming, Trapping and Trolling

Don't scam anyone, if possible use a trusted middle-man to trade items around. TP-Trapping & Trapping is forbidden, it is very abusive. Same goes for trolling, it is scummy.

* No Cheating and Exploiting

Do not use the game bugs to exploit for an unfair advantage neither use any type of cheat-clients or hack-tools for any benefit which may get you banned.

* No Hackusating

Do not hackusate if you find a player using a cheat-client or a hack-tool, instead Contact staff on Discord in that case.

* No Raiding/Griefing

If anyone's claimed land/base claim expires, and other player finds it and raids the unclaimed land/base, this might result in a temp-ban or higher. If got caught by staff. And about the griefing, just don't add any random or untrustable person in your claim's trustlist and your claim is safe. Contact staff on Discord if you see anyone raids or grief your or other's unclaimed or claimed land/base.

* No asking for Staff/OP/Owner/Admin

Asking for OP or any of the staff ranks is just considered staff-hunting, if you want to be a staff member please Apply for Staff.

* No bypassing Punishments

Bypassing any punishment is highly forbidden and increases the punishment even more, please consider submitting a Ban Appeal instead.

* No alternative accounts

Do not create alternate(multiple) accounts which is also highly forbidden, instead keep one and main account in use for better.

LAST UPDATE: 12/29/2020